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Hire your team in Latin America with Europortage via our Employer of record solution. As a direct Employer of record (EOR) in LATAM, Europortage helps you to build your permanent American workforce and ensure compliance with local labor laws without setting up a business entity.

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Employer of record (EOR) in Latam

Employer of record

As a employer of record (EOR) in Latin America, we help you to build your permanent LATAM workforce and ensure compliance with local labor laws without establishing a local entity. We ensure a streamlining onboarding process for your talent.

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Payroll outsourcing in Latin America

Payroll outsourcing

Our payroll service in Latin America covers payroll calculation and processing. Our team helps companies expand their operations in the country. With our outsourcing services, we simplify your payroll in LATAM and manage compliance.

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HR, Legal & Compliance

At Europortage, we provide you with full support in drafting HR contracts, legal procedures for dismissal and managing leave. We’ll help you get everything organized, compliant and running as quickly as possible, so you can focus on your core business.

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Benefits management

Benefits Management

A competitive benefit package is designed to retain and attract your employees. At Europortage, we make it easy and give you peace of mind by managing your employee’s benefits package. Our networks and our expertise is our greatest asset.

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Immigration support

Immigration support

One of the biggest concerns for firms hiring foreigners is how to apply and obtain Brazil and Mexico visas. Our teams help you to obtain business and other travel visas for corporations and individuals worldwide in a fast, convenient and secure manner.

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Explore the Americas

Partner with us to hire talent in the Americas. We can help you hire global talent in any of the countries listed in our Atlas. Contact us as a starting point for your global expansion plans.

Our Value Proposition

A game changing approach with a PEO and Employer of record (EOR) partner Latin America. Our solutions makes it easier to compliantly hire in LATAM. From quickly onboarding to streamlining employee payroll, we handle it all. 

Our Value Proposition - Employer of Record


We hire talents in full compliance with local labor laws. Europortage stays ahead of the curve with our experience and market knowledge.

Direct Partner

Europortage has on-ground entities in Brazil and Mexico, and never works with third parties. We act as your direct partner: it means that we are hiring under our company and we are the legal employer of your talents. 

Cost effective

Beyond the labor costs difference, our solution allows you to recruit candidates without incurring the costs of opening a legal entity. 


Our deep understanding of local legislation of the Latin American market is our strongest asset. Then, it allows us to support you in your business development. 


Our EOR service is aimed at companies wishing to hire quickly in the LATAM market. At Europortage, we hire your candidates within a week.

Global Team

Our team is international but has a strong expertise of LatAm market. Europortage services are available in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and Russian.

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We believe feedback loops to great things. We take care of compliance, payroll, and benefits, so you can focus on your team and business. 

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