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Trial & probation period in Mexico

Trial & probation period in Mexico

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Employees must complete a trial or probation period in Mexico when they begin employment. Employers use probationary period as a time to assess whether the new hire or newly promoted employee is a good fit for the position.

It is important for foreign employers to understand how labor contracts and employment probation works in Mexico to avoid liability related to noncompliance.

Trial & Probation period - Overview

A trial or probationary period is a fixed period which occurs at the beginning of a new hire’s employment. Generally, the trial period is determined in the employment contract and allow employers to test out whether new employees are a good fit for the business. It also allows the employee to better understand their responsibilities and gain more insight into whether the job and company align with their professional goals and expectations.

Trial period can also be set when the employer decides to promote or change roles within the same company.

During the trial period, both employer and employee may be exempt from some contractual obligations.

Trial or probation period differs from a country to another. However, many countries required the employers to offer a probationary period when an employment contract starts. What about Mexico ?

Trial & probation period in Mexico

Trial & Probation period in Mexico

Article 35 of the Federal Labor Law (LFT) in Mexico states that  employment relationships may be subject to one of the following modality: 

  • Probationary period
  • Initial training period

“Las relaciones de trabajo pueden ser para obra o tiempo determinado, por temporada o por tiempo indeterminado y en su caso podrá estar sujeto a prueba o a capacitación inicial. A falta de estipulaciones expresas, la relación será por tiempo indeterminado.”

Difference between probationary and initial training period

In Mexico, trial period can be swapped for initial training period.

It enables people with no experience to acquire it by performing the job under subordination. According to article 39-A of the Mexican Federal Labor Law, it is considered that there is a work relationship for initial training when a worker is obliged to provide subordinate services under the direction and command under an employer.

Probation and initial training period follow the same rules exept duration. 

How long is the trial and initial training periods in Mexico ?

Standard trial period

The length of the probationary period may vary. The Mexican Federal Labor Law establishes that the probationary period must not exceed 30 days.

During the probationary period, Article 39-A of the Mexican Federal Labor Law regulates that the employee must enjoy the salary, social security and benefits corresponding to the position. For no reason should the employee receive a lower remuneration during the probationary period.

This trial & probationary period in Mexico must be specified in the employment contract, otherwise, the employment relationship will be considered as indefinite according to the Mexican Federal Labor Law.

The trial period lasts up to 180 days only if the employee is filling a management position or for employees who carry out technical or specialized tasks.

Standard initial training period

The employment relationship for initial training can last up to 3 months or 6 months for management, administrative or specialized positions. Article 39-B fo the Federal Labor Law establishes rules and regulations for this specific type of contracts. 

“La vigencia de la relación de trabajo a que se refiere el párrafo anterior, tendrá una duración máxima de tres meses o en su caso, hasta de seis meses sólo cuando se trate de trabajadores para puestos de dirección, gerenciales y demás personas que ejerzan funciones de dirección o administración en la empresa o establecimiento de carácter general o para desempeñar labores que requieran conocimientos profesionales especializados. Durante ese tiempo el trabajador disfrutará del salario, la garantía de la seguridad social y de las prestaciones de la categoría o puesto que desempeñe. Al término de la capacitación inicial, de no acreditar competencia el trabajador, a juicio del patrón, tomando en cuenta la opinión de la Comisión Mixta de Productividad, Capacitación y Adiestramiento en los términos de esta Ley, así como a la naturaleza de la categoría o puesto, se dará por terminada la relación de trabajo, sin responsabilidad para el patrón.”

Extension of the probation and initial training period

Both probationary  and initial training periods are non-extendable neither repeated. This rule applies even if the employee changes job, gets promoted, or starts another employment relationship within the same company. 

End of employment during trial and initial training period

Termination during probation period in Mexico

During the probationary or initial training period, a company can terminate employment if the employee has demonstrably poor performance or doesn’t have the knowledge required to execute the job properly. 

The employer must take into account the opinion of the Joint Commission on Productivity, Development and Training. 

Notice period applicable

There is no notice period applicable in both cases.

Severance pay - termination during trial period

The employer must pay the amount corresponding to the days worked, without deducting any amount for not giving notice.

Resignation during the trial or inition training period

An employee may resign during the trial or initial raining period. She/he will be required to submit a letter of resignation.

Severance pay - Resignation during trial period

If the employee decides to resign during the probationary period, she/he will not be entitled to receive any type of indemnity, such as vacation pay, Christmas bonus or severance payment.

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