April 30, 2024

Work visa in Brazil: what are the options and how to get it?

Work visa in Brazil: what are the options and how to get it?

Want to onboard an employee in Brazil or Mexico today?

Global companies looking to hire in Brazil have the option to hire national or individuals eligible to work in Brazil. It’s illegal to hire individuals who are not authorized to work in the country.
In the case talent is not Brazilian, it means that the business will have to obtain the correct work permits and visa for them. Following the right process will ensure that your team members stay compliant and can be productive from the start.

The following article will help you understand what the Brazilian work visa are, the timeline and procedures to get one. ⬇️

What is a work visa in Brazil and why do you need it?

A work permit is the official document that authorize a foreign national to work legally within the country for a specific period. In Brazil, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil is the organ responsible for overseeing and issuing working visas.

The work permit is necessary in case an employee would like to work in Brazil and does not have the Brazilian nationality or a permanent visa. 

The Brazilian work visa is the VITEM V. 

Requirements for a work visa in Brazil

The procedures to obtain a work visa in Brazil is quite complex. Indeed, before obtaining the work visa, the employee must first apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and already have a contract with a company that operates in Brazil. 

Each type of visa in Brazil has its own specific requirements. To fulfill the eligibility criteria for a Brazil work visa, the applicant needs to prove the following criteria:

      • Two years of professional experience in the relevant field and a minimum of 9 years of school-level education, or
      • A relevant university degree and one year of relevant experience, or
      • A relevant post-graduate degree, no professional experience needed.

A VITEM V visa is valid for two years and can be transformed into a permanent visa after completing two years of service in the same company.

⚠️The company hiring the foreign employee must proof that at least 2/3 of all its employees are Brazilian. 

Work visa in Brazil

Brazil Work Visa Application Process

Brazilian company verification

The first step to obtain a work visa in Brazil must be taken by the company. Only a company registered in Brazil can create a visa application for a foreigner. If your company does not have a legal entity in Brazil, then you may use the services of an Employer of record (EOR)

First, the company will have to send its legal incorporation document (CNPJ in Brazil). Second, the company will have to send the list of all employees it’s currently hiring with their nationality. 

Documents to submit

Once the responsable organ has check all business documents, the employee will have to gather the following documents and submit them: 

    1. Visa application form
    2. Valid Passport 
    3. A Passport photo
    4. Signed and accurate work contract
    5. Criminal Record Certificate issued withing the last 3 months. If the applicant has lived in several countries in the last 12 months, she/he must provide the criminal records of each country of residence. They must also be duly legalized (contain an apostille) by the competent authority of the issuing country and, if necessary, translated by a sworn translator.

    6. Complete original birth certificate (with apostille)

⚠️ Each document must be apostilled in the country of origin and translated in Brazil by a sworn translator. 

⚠️Documents issued by foreign countries that are not on the list of the Hague Apostille Convention must only be legalized at Brazilian consular offices abroad.

Issuing work permit and getting the visa

If all is in order, the Brazilian government will issue a work permit. The employee must go to a Brazilian consulate to get its work visa. 

There are two solutions here:

    • The employee chose to withdraw its visa in Brazil. Then, the employee must go to the federal police to get its visa. 
    • The employee chose to withdraw its visa in his/her country. Then, the employee would have to schedule a meeting at the Brazilian consulate to get its visa. Some additional documents as the birth certificate will be requested. 

Register at the federal police

When the Ministry approves the visa, the professional would have to register at the federal police upon arrival to Brazil. 

The employee has 90 days to register at the federal police. 

RNM number

Once the individual got the working visa and properly register at the ferderal police in Brazil, she/he must create a RNM number. 

This is a mandatory step to be properly hired by the Brazilian company. 

Timeframe for Work Permit Application

The Brazil work visa processing time varies according to the visa one has applied for in Brazil. However, the average Brazilian work permit processing time is 30 days on average.

Alternative visas for foreigners who wish to work in Brazil

In Brazil, there are other visas that enable foreigners to work in the country. Let’s find below what are the alternative visas for foreigners who wish to work in Brazil:

Temporary Visa IX - Investment

One of the alternative visa is the Investor Visa. To obtain this visa, the individual must purchase a property in Brazil or invest in a business. An entreprise investment must be between BRL 150.000,00 and BRL 300.000,00 to apply. If purchasing a property, the amount varies according to the region but usually must be superior to BRL 1.000.000,00.

Temporary Visa XIV - Digital Nomad

Brazil introduced its digital nomad visa in January 2022. This temporary residence permit, officially known as Digital Nomad Visa (VITEM XIV), allows foreign workers to live in Brazil while working remotely for companies outside of Brazil.

The visa is valid for 2 years. 

Temporary VITEM VI - Working-holiday

The temporary working holiday visa is granted to the foreigner over 16 years old. This visa is issued based on reciprocity, and, for that reason, for the time being only citizens of New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France may apply for this visa.

Visto Temporário VIII - Serviço Voluntário

This visa is issued only for foreigners who wish to contribute to volunteer work in Brazil without engaging in paid employment. It offers a pathway for people who are motivated to support social, educational, or environmental causes through voluntary work in the country.

Visto Temporário I - pesquisa, ensino e extensão acadêmica

This visa is for foreigners who intend to travel to Brazil for research, teaching or academic extension activities for more than 90 days, without an employment relationship with a Brazilian research or teaching institution.


Check out the most frequent questions !

A Brazilian work visa is valid for 2 years.

After completing two years of service in the same company, the employee can apply for a permanent visa. 

The employee must apply at least 30 days before the current visa expires. 

A change in employer typically requires a new work visa application. This includes submitting a new work permit request, as well as proof documents and contracts from the new employer.

No, a foreigner can not work with a tourist visa in Brazil. 

No. Only an employer can start the visa application process, which requires all work visa applicants to have a job lined up before applying for their Brazilian work visa.

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